Destinations to travel with your baby in spring

Cala Escorxada de Menorca

If you have just had your first baby and you want to make some quick trip this spring, you probably have no idea about where can you go so you little boy or girl not only does not get stressed, but enjoys just as much as you. This is why we are bringing some ideas … [Seguir leyendo…]

High quality non-slip socks for children and adults

high quality non-slip socks

Non-slip socks with rubber sole are one of the most comfortable accessories to walk at home and other activities, are there any doubts about that? However, the quality of those we usually find online often leaves much to be desired. But now, finally, Puket and Brasilchic bring you high quality non-slip socks for children and … [Seguir leyendo…]

The seven best beaches in northern Spain

The seven best beaches in northern Spain

Spain has been a sun and beach destination for years, and it atracts tourists from all around Europe. We often remember the Mediterranean coast, Balearic and Canary islands, and forget that the coasts in northern Spain are a real treat for the eye. That is over. With this post, you will know the seven best … [Seguir leyendo…]

The best sports leggings by Rock Code

Rock Code

There is nothing like sports leggings to make some exercise, no doubt about that. However, their designs are often dull, grey… in short, boring. We, the Brasilchic team, have realised that, and this is why we are introducing the bold sports leggings by the Brazilian brand Rock Code. Brazil is one of the leading countries … [Seguir leyendo…]

Four tips to choose your hammock

Four tips to choose your hammock

Spring is finally here. Days are longer, weather is warmer, we start making plans outdoors… We all enjoy relaxing a little bit while reading a book or having a drink, and the best way to do it is having a good hammock. This posting will try to give you four tips to choose your hammock. It … [Seguir leyendo…]

Know Nordweg and the best leather rucksacks on Earth

Leather rucksacks by Nordweg

Nordweg is the Brazilian brand that produces the most amazing leather rucksacks on Earth. It was born in 2007, and it is placed in Picada Café, a small town in Sierra Gaucha in southern Brazil, a place colonised mainly by Germans. It is a small, charming Brazilian region where people take care of their perfect gardens, know each other … [Seguir leyendo…]

Welcome to the new online shopping Brasilchic

  Brasilchic is an online shop where you will find the most novel and exclusive products from Brazil. A selection of fashion, shoes, accessories, jewellery, home and decoration in which our team is fully committed. The latest trends in original, luxury products, full of personality for those who have their own style, as well as … [Seguir leyendo…]

The most Comfortable Handcrafted Shoes in the World

Hello, “BChics”! Today, we want to share with you our interview with Andrea Grecco, the creative mind behind the original handmade shoes Attraverso per Grecco. Andrea comes from southern Brazil, she’s a model, an artist and has an restless mind. Do you want to know from her own lips how her brand was created and lots of … [Seguir leyendo…]