Gancho para colgar hamacas

The Best Hook to Hang your Hammock

The Best Hook to Hang your Hammock or Hanging Chair

Today, we want to talk about the best hook to hang your hammock and hanging chair, made in Spain using stainless steel. It is a great product from our online store that proves its daily growing and that is being trusted by more and more people. Top quality and craftsmanship are the reasons why it is so successful.

Let us tell you about the origins of this product:

Brasilchic wanted good moorings for our hammocks and hanging chairs with the same quality as the rest of our products, enjoyed as new by our clients year after year as.This is only possible thanks to the great quality of the fabric our hammocks and chairs are made of, pure raw organic cotton.

This is the origin of our Brasilchic hammock hooks

We were after a top quality hook that were also elegant, made in Spain, and most importantly… made of stainless steel. It doesn’t look as an easy task, especially when there weren’t similar products in the market.

A common hook was not enough for our demanding customers, who are used to our high quality range of hammocks and hanging chairs. After a lot of market research, we knew that our only option was to create our own hook, and this is how our stainless steel hanging hammock hook was born.

During the design and manufacturing process we had in mind a perfect hook to use at the beach, during any season and for different environmental conditions, such as rain, sun, saltpetre… This is, adverse conditions that would quickly spoil common materials. Our only thought was to offer a totally reliable product: a strong, durable and safe hook not affected by rusting or corrosion, and also noiseless in order to not interrupt our appreciated customers’ naps or relax.

A craftsman creates each hook, cleaning, welding and giving it its characteristic curve.

Today, we are very proud of this product, not only because it undoubtedly is the best in the market, but also because it is totally developed and manufactured in Spain. We wanted our clients to notice its added value as soon as they opened the package… and we really think we have succeeded.

Our hook is the best, made of a top quality material, stainless steel 18/10. Light, sleek and noiseless, it is possible to have it hanging from our wall or roof forever..

Everything, even all the accessories, such as 6 cm screws and washers, is made of stainless steel. And the dowels are by the industry leader, Fisher themselves.

By buying in our store, you will know that every single detail adds value to your purchase.

We are very aware that you get what you pay for. Brasilchic is always trying to make our clients passionate about our brand and to give them safe and durable products. This is our main motivation to do always our best in everything we do.

Today, our hanging hook is undoubtedly the best in the market. We sell all around the world, exporting it to different countries.

Some pictures of “our gem” to hang hammocks and hanging chairs.

The Best Hook to Hang your Hammock The Best Hook to Hang your Hammock Anclajes para hamacas y sillas colgantes Ganchos para colgar hamacas en acero inoxidable El mejor gancho para colgar hamacas

Hamaca colgante dentro de casa

Hammock indoors?

Hammock indoors? Now more than ever…

In quarantine times, what is better than to put a hammock indoors? When we think of a hammock, a beach, a swimming pool, the countryside, a rural house, everything comes to mind… except to think about putting it inside the house, right?

Well, you know that it is possible! Beautify your house and enjoy it a lot throughout the year, be it summer, winter or any other season. Hanging hammocks are already very popular on terraces and patios but they appear more and more in interior environments such as living rooms and bedrooms, offering us a relaxed and unique atmosphere in the routine of the house and family.

Obviously we need a certain place, but before you think you do not have enough space, you have to know that for each corner there is a hammock or chair that can fit you. From Brasilchic we give you solutions for all the types of spaces that you have available and we advise you at all times, from choosing the ideal hammock or hanging chair, to how and with what accessories to place it so that it really makes a difference within your apartment or house.

Be aware that they can basically be installed from the ceiling, between 2 walls, between columns or with a support.

As you can see, it can create an incredible environment to relax, to read a good book, to take a nap or to have fun with the children (obviously under responsible use).

Of course, you have to choose a safe place, install it with the right tools and very important, with quality anchors.

To say goodbye, we leave you some rooms to inspire you and encourage you to install a hanging hammock indoors. As you can see… there are no excuses not to enjoy that wonder in our lives in this moment of confinement or whenever you want.

Ideas to put a hammock indoors:

hammock indoors

A hanging hammock like our Natural Family Hanging Hammock in large rooms is a luxury.

hammock indoors

If you have the possibility of putting the hammock between columns it is also perfect.

hanging hammock indoors

Look at the environment you can build in a loft with a hammock. In Brasilchic we have simpler and more affordable hammock options for all budgets.

hammock indoors

Putting a hammock in a living room / library is a great idea.

hammock indoors

In small spaces it is also possible to put a hammock, you just have to choose the right hammock and at Brasilchic we help you.

hammock indoors

A hammock near the windows with good natural light is perfect.

hammock indoors

Colorful hammocks also help to build a unique atmosphere, know our options in Brasilchic.

hammock indoors

So you can see how in any corner we can put a hanging hammock.

hammock indoors

hammock indoors

Installing a hanging hammock in the room is also possible and a great idea.

hammock indoors


Cala Escorxada de Menorca

Destinations to travel with your baby in spring

If you have just had your first baby and you want to make some quick trip this spring, you probably have no idea about where can you go so you little boy or girl not only does not get stressed, but enjoys just as much as you. This is why we are bringing some ideas about destinations to travel with your baby in spring. From cities to natural environments, passing through beautiful beaches, we offer you some ideas to travel with babies for every taste.


Acueducto de Segovia

Thanks to its rich history, the Iberian Peninsula is full of cities that present an unequalled beauty. Do not have in mind only the big cities, but also small and not so well known places that are equally majestic and are ideal destinations to travel with your baby.

Our first suggestion is Segovia. In this Castilian capital declared World Heritage Site, you will admire a monumental architecture spanning from the Roman age, with its famous aqueduct, to modern days. In addition, you will discover a delicious gastronomy and lovely streets avoiding crowds. It is a perfect first touristic experience for your baby.

Another excellent option is León, where monuments, quiet and fun for every age join together. Visit its Cathedral and Royal Pantheon, go for a walk in the downtown and enjoy some ‘tapas’ in the ‘Húmedo’, everything with your small boy or girl. If you add that León has ben declared 2018 Spanish Gastronomy Capital, it is a perfect destination to visit during this spring.

Finally, it is to be mentioned that spring is a good time to be some days in bigger cities, such as Barcelona or Lisbon. Without the annoying crowds of tourists that arrive in summer, you and your baby can have a good opportunity to go there.


Cala Escorxada de Menorca

Who says that beach destinations are only for the summer? If both you and your baby love beach, here are some ideas to travel this spring.

The Canary Islands offer beautiful beaches, nice temperaturas and unequalled natural environments where you can enjoy with your baby. Any of these islands have accesible places, Delicious food and a nice ambience where the smallest members of the family will feel at home.

Menorca is another island, as well as a good destination to travel with your baby in spring. Maybe it is not the most visited Balearic island, but this is just the reason why it is perfect to go with your little girl or boy. You will be surprised by its coves with crystal-like waters, its history and the kindfulness of its people.

The bravest ones will also love the seven best beaches from northern Spain. However, be careful with its waves and the temperature of the water, the best option in spring is just go for a walk through them.


Lagos de Covadonga en Asturias

If you are an adventurer, you were waiting this section. Pay a lot of attention if you enjoy walking on the mountain with your baby in your Carrier.

If you go to Asturias, you can visit Covadonga lakes. It is a mountain destination with an easy access, so it is ideal to travel with your baby. Amazing views, a lovely shrine and a really enjoyable time for children and adults. But wrap up!

A little further South, in the province of León, we recommend you El Bierzo. In this region, you will find impressive places easily accessible, such as Las Médulas. Walking through the ruins of what in the ancient times was a mountain is really breathtaking, just as looking at them from the viewpoint. But, if you are looking for some more adventure for your baby, you can enter gorgeous valleys, like Silencio valley or Ancares valley.

We hope that these destinations to travel with your baby in spring have given you some idea. There is no doubt that there are many other great places, do you know any of them that you wish to share?

high quality non-slip socks

High quality non-slip socks for children and adults

Non-slip socks with rubber sole are one of the most comfortable accessories to walk at home and other activities, are there any doubts about that? However, the quality of those we usually find online often leaves much to be desired. But now, finally, Puket and Brasilchic bring you high quality non-slip socks for children and adults.

If you have become a new mother or father, you probably have serious doubts about the best footwear for your baby. Puket non-slip socks for babies are an excellent option for the first steps of your little children. They keep their still sensitive feet warm and protected, but also their flexibility supports your baby normal development. Puket non-slip socks are the best kind of footwear for your children to start walking!Calcetines antideslizantes para niñosHigh quality non-slip socks for children and adultsBut, if they become accustomed to wear them since they are little babies, they will want to keep using them when they grow a little bit. Don’t worry! We also offer you a full range of non-slip socks for children. Made of the best materials, with two different shapes and an andless variety of funny designs, these high quality non-slip socks stand the pace of any boy or girl.

By now, you are probably asking yourself: and what about me? Brasilchic also thinks about you, and this is why we also have a wide variety of high quality non-slip socks for adults. As well as their versions for children, they have rubber sole, they keep your feet warm and they are very, very comfortable to wear at home, for cuddling on the sofa, etc. But they are also perfect to practice different activities, such as yoga, pilates, body balance… And we cannot deny it, we also love to wear our feet with the most playful designs.

High quality non-slip socks for children and adults in Brasilchic online store

Do not hesitate! Take a look to Puket non-slip socks and you will forget inferior non-slip socks forever.

By Jorge Fernández Pérez

The seven best beaches in northern Spain

The seven best beaches in northern Spain

Spain has been a sun and beach destination for years, and it atracts tourists from all around Europe. We often remember the Mediterranean coast, Balearic and Canary islands, and forget that the coasts in northern Spain are a real treat for the eye. That is over. With this post, you will know the seven best beaches in northern Spain, according to many people.

Las Catedrales Beach

The seven best beaches in northern Spain

Placed in Ribadeo (Galicia), in the core of the so called ‘Mariña Lucense’, Las Catedrales Beach will amaze you with its unbelievable rock formations that are very similar to the arches of a gothic cathedral. It is one of the best beaches in northern Spain to go for a walk because its landscape is totally different depending on the tides. In low tide, you will be able to go over this beach and admire its arches and caves. In high tide, the ocean soaks the inside of this one-of-a-kind natural cathedral.

El Silencio Beach

Playa del Silencio

We travel to Cudillero (Asturias) in order to take you to El Silencio Beach. However, while you relax in its cool, crystal-clear water, you will realize that, actually, your ears get something better than silence: the sea birds, the breeze and, most importantly, the roar of the Cantabrian Sea. Do not miss the natural beauty of this corner and the picturesque village of Cudillero.

Gulpiyuri Beach

Playa de Gulpiyuri

In the municipal area of Llanes (Asturias) you will find not only one of the most beautiful beaches in northern Spain, but also one of the most singular ones: Gulpiyuri Beach. Right after a short walk through the country, you will arrive to —apparently— a little lake between fields and cliffs. But don’t be tricked by your own sight, the sea goes through caves in the rocks to créate this interior beach where, in low tide, the water disappears completely. Feel free to take a bath and relax in the sun with your family on one of the best beaches in the Cantabrian coast.

Torimbia Beach

Playa de Torimbia

We stay in Llanes (Asturias), because between the blue sea and the green mountain the spectacular Torimbia Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Cantabrian coast, reveals itself. This vast beach is perfect if you want a bath, but also if you want to walk its 500 metres of fine, clear sand wearing your trunks… or not.

Los Locos Beach

Playa de los Locos

Our trip to the East takes us to Los Locos Beach, placed in Suances (Cantabria). Turn to one side and you will see magnificent cliffs. Turn to the other side and you will find the majestic ocean. However, this is not just another gorgeous place in the Cantabrian coast. It is one of the best beaches in northern Spain for surfing. For this reason, here you will find a young, relaxed atmosphere.

Laga Beach

Playa de Laga

Already in Biscay (Basque Country), you will arrive to the beautiful Laga Beach. Crystal-clear waters, bars, restaurants and a wild nature are together, perfectly combined, on this beach placed by the Cape Ogoño. It is not only placed among the most beautiful beaches in the Cantabrian coast for tourists and bathers. It is also a great destination to practice surf and other sports.

La Concha Beach

Playa de La Concha

The last beach on this list is also the only one in an urban location: the well known La Concha Beach, in San Sebastián (Basque Country). It is a magical place to bath, sunbath and, after that, enjoy the historic quarter and the gastronomy of this town.

These are only some examples of the best beaches in northern Spain. However, the Cantabrian coast is full of gorgeous beaches and coves where you can enjoy a bath and a beautiful landscape. Do you know more places you would add to this list? Do not hesitate to comment.

By Jorge Fernández Pérez

Rock Code

The best sports leggings by Rock Code

There is nothing like sports leggings to make some exercise, no doubt about that. However, their designs are often dull, grey… in short, boring. We, the Brasilchic team, have realised that, and this is why we are introducing the bold sports leggings by the Brazilian brand Rock Code.

Brazil is one of the leading countries regarding fitness fashion, something you will notice when you try Rock Code leggings. The most important thing when you are practicing sports is comfort, assured by the elasticity and resistance of their materials. But comfort is not everything. Rock Code sports leggings give you a one-of-a-kind wild style that will not be unnoticed. What exactly will you get with these leggings?

The last trends in women’s fitness fashion

You don’t only wish comfortable sports leggings, right? You are also looking for a beautiful and colourful garment to use at any moment. A pair of sports-styled tights or pants you can use to go for a walk showing a casual look. Rock Code leggings follow the latest trends in women’s fitness fashion and dare to go even further to become a unique piece of clothing.

Rock & roll style

The name itself says it, don’t you think? If you prefer to go unnoticed, these sports leggings are not for you. Rock Code takes the risk of showing the boldest prints, inspired by rock & roll and heavy metal culture. Skulls, animal prints and one-of-a-kind colour schemes meet each other to bring you the best sports leggings for women like you.

Top comfort

After all, as we said above, the most important feature is confort. Wheter you practice intensive sports or you use sports leggings as casual clothes, Rock Code leggings guarantee an unequalled comfort. Rock Code has not an unmistakable style, but also uses the best materials and processes during the manufacturing of its fitness fashion products.

We could go on and on about how much we like Rock Code sports leggings, but we prefer you to discover and value them by yourself.  And do not hesitate to leave a comment, we will be glad to know your thoughts.

By Jorge Fernández Pérez

Four tips to choose your hammock

Four tips to choose your hammock

Spring is finally here. Days are longer, weather is warmer, we start making plans outdoors… We all enjoy relaxing a little bit while reading a book or having a drink, and the best way to do it is having a good hammock. This posting will try to give you four tips to choose your hammock. It can’t be easier!

1. Take into account the available space

Are you going to hang your hammock in a garden, a terrace, a room…? Choose the best place to hang it and take some measures. Depending on these measures, you may be interested in a hammock or a hanging chair, or maybe you need an extension rope… Remember that each space needs its own kind of hammock.

2. Think about the size of your ideal hammock

This point is closely related to the previous one. Obviously, the available space will determine the size of your hammock to a large extent, but there is always some room for manoeuvre.

Do you live alone or with your partner? Do you have children? Or do you live with your flatmate? Maybe you don’t know, but there are individual, two-person and even family-size hammocks. Decide how many people are going to enjoy your hammock before buying it.

The best tips to choose your hammock

Family-size hammock by Brasilchic

3. Choose your hammock’s colours

You choose your outfits having in mind their styles and colours, don’t you? Then, you should do the same with your hammock or hammock chair. Think about your favourite colours, but also about the environment where you are going to hang your hammock. You could finally select a discreet hammock, or maybe you prefer something more daring and colourful. It depends on your own style.

4. Look for the best price-quality ratio

Last, but not least, you should look for the best price-quality ratio. You don’t want a bad hammock which will not last all summer long, but a comfortable, long-lasting product for a reasonable price.

These four tips will help you if you are looking for the hammock or hanging chair which best fits your needs, but each case is different. Do you know other factors to take into account? We will be glad to read them.

By Jorge Fernández Pérez

Ten sentences that can change your life


Ten sentences that can change your life.


There are some simple words that can give us the energy we need to carry on. We have found these ten sentences on lifehack, and we love them! They can change your perspective on life, so we want to share them with you:

1 – People aren’t against you; they are for themselves.

against-you 1

2 – Climb mountains not so the wold can see you, but so you can see the world.

climb-mountains 2

3 – You learn more from failure than from success. Don’t let it stop you. Failure builds character.

you-learn-more-from 3

4 – The most dangerous risk of all – the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can boy yourself the freedom to do it later.

the-most-dangerous-risk-of-all 4

5 – Go where you’re celebrated, not where you’re tolerated.

go-where-you-are-celebrated 5

6 – The person that you will spend the most time with in your life is yourself, so better try to make yourself as interesting as possible.

the-person-you-will-spend-your-life 6

7 – If you accept your limitations you go beyond them.

go-beyond-them 7

8 – People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing, that’s why we recommend it daily.

people-say-that-motivation-doesnt-last 8

9 – Everyone you meet is afraid of something, loves something, and has lost something.

everyone-you-meet-is-afraid-of-something 9

10 – Comfort is the enemy of achievement.

comfort-is-the-enemy-of-achievement 10

Do you have any sentences that have changed your life? Write us!

Have a nice weekend!

Sources: Lifehack and Nordweg

Welcome to the new online store Brasilchic


Welcome to Brasilchic. An online store where you will find the most novel and exclusive products from Brazil. A selection of fashion, shoes, accessories, jewellery, home and decoration in which our team is fully committed. The latest trends in original, luxury products, full of personality for those who have their own style, as well as Brasilchic.Brasilchic is an online shop where you will find the most novel and exclusive products from Brazil. A selection of  home and decoration in which our team is fully committed. The latest trends in original, luxury products, full of personality for those who have their own style, as well as Brasilchic.

Our main goal is to provide our clients with the greatest levels of distinction, elegance and a unique experience, thanks to the best and latest products made in this beautiful tropical country.

We want to show the world the best from the Brazilian industry, representing great brands and the work made by young entrepreneurs and craftsmen who deserve all our respect and admiration. The only condition is that everything must be very Brasilchic, according to our philosophy.

And Brasilchic is:

A seal of quality: We put our trust in offering high quality products carefully made of top-of-the-range raw materials.

Values: We value companies and products with their own soul and a great story to tell.

Solidarity: We participate and make our small contribution to important causes.

Commitment to the well-being and to human beings: We only work with companies that value fair working conditions as much as we do, and that do not have any children working.

Value to environment: We only work with companies with sustainable policies, that love the environment as much as we do, and that make their contribution to protect our planet.

With respect to those who trust us: For our companies, a joint success is our only alternative, and for our clients, a great experience given by Brasilchic.

A lifestyle: Healthy and full of human values… A free, beautiful and impassioned spirit with its own style, it will not be unnoticed.

How does it work?

For our clients:

If you love high quality products made of the best materials, this is the ideal shop for you. The quality of all our products is guaranteed by Brasilchic and our philosophy is present in every detail.

For our companies:

If you have a brand in Brazil and you want to show your products around the world, contact us and check the requirements to enter Brasilchic; or remain attentive, a spotter from Brasilchic can discover your shop and invite you to participate in this great project.

Welcome to the fascinating world of Brasilchic, a special, one-of-a-kind online store that will bring joy and colour to your life. Follow us on our social networks and our blog. Come with us, this experience will be very, very Brasilchic.


The most Comfortable Handcrafted Shoes in the World

Luxury handcrafted shoes in tricot and leather Attraverso per Grecco

Andrea Grecco, creator and owner of the luxury handcrafted shoes brand Attraverso per Grecco

Hello, “BChics”! Today, we want to share with you our interview with Andrea Grecco, the creative mind behind the original handmade shoes Attraverso per Grecco.

Andrea comes from southern Brazil, she’s a model, an artist and has an restless mind. Do you want to know from her own lips how her brand was created and lots of characteristics of her great handcrafted shoesLet’s go!

Brasilchic – Andrea, could you tell us how did you come up with the idea of making such original shoes?

Andrea Grecco – Among all kinds of footwear, boots have always been my passion, and the idea of creating 100% handmade shoes came from my desire to use this kind of footwear throughout the year in a comfortable way. The first challenge was choosing the best material, because boots are closed shoes. How could I make unique shoes that brought me the same level of comfort than a pair of socks? They should be equally elastic and flexible to offer the necessary freedom of movement.

Brasilchic – It is a really difficult question, what was your technique to obtain these wonderful shoes?

Andrea Grecco – I have always loved working with tricot, and, while making a scarf, I came up to the idea of trying to use leather-like materials. Could I create a tricot sock that became a shoe?

Brasilchic – When did you decide to start your own brand and manufacture your first products for the Brazilian market?

Andrea Grecco – The acceptance of the first unit I manufactured made me start projecting Attraverso Per Grecco, because everybody told me how much they loved it, and asked me where had I bought such an original and different pair of boots. Actually, the beginning was a hard time, it was a six month research, including trials, until I reached the ideal form and materials. After an additional period of six months, I got a final trial that became a great success, with a lot of acceptance in many shops from southern Brazil.

Brasilchic – Andrea, tell us, why an Italian name for a Brazilian brand?

Andrea Grecco – The name Attraverso per Grecco comes from my Italian origins. Greggo is my surname, and Attraverso means “to go through”. Actually, it occurred to my by accident, I guess your origins are always there and come back in key times (laughing).

Brasilchic – Tell us something more about tricot and how do you apply it to your shoes. It’s an original technique applied to footwear.

Andrea GreccoTricot is totally handmade, boots are made one by one with special needles and all the needed stitches, depending on their material and their height. Today, we have three heights, short, intermediate and high, in different sizes (36-40).

I work with three materials, and every Attraverso per Grecco boots have elastane to assure an absolute comfort. These high-end materials are suede, distressed suede and synthetic leather. We buy metres of these materials and manufacture the balls for tricot. The materials are cut in strips of a specific thickness in our factory, then, these strips are sticked together and rolled until they form a ball, just like a ball of wool. All this process is carefully handmade.

Handmade knitting shoes

Brasilchic – It looks like a very tough work, I guess it isn’t possible for any person who likes tricot.

Andrea Grecco – (Laughing) People always ask me that, but, actually, this product requires very specific techniques and machinery which isn’t accessible for everyone.

Brasilchic – We have observed that design is a key part of your products, and I guess clients look for it, am I right?

Andrea Grecco – Our SLIM design, or fine point, is intended to be more elegant and sophisticated, without interfering with toe comfort. Since they are sock boots, we use cords made of the same material instead of zips, and they make our shoes very easy to wear; you only have to open them using your toes. All the users love this feature.

Brasilchic – What about the sole and the heel? What are they made of? They look like natural wood…

Andrea Grecco – The sole is made of flexible rubber, so it adapts itself to the movement of the feet and guarantees an anti-slip footwear. The heel is made of high-resistant light wood, it has a medium height, so it doesn’t affect too much feet anatomy, and is really comfortable to walk.

Brasilchic – Colours are one of the main feautres of your products, where does this variety come from?

Andrea Grecco – They are always selected according to the fashion season, and we make one-of-a-kind series, because of the metres of material acquired by the factory.

Brasilchic – Your product seems to be completely unique. Is it possible that somebody can wear a similar pair of boots which aren’t made by Attraverso per Grecco?

Andrea Grecco – You’re right, that’s impossible. My clients love the idea of wearing something original they cannot find in any shoe shop, and, above everything else, the unequalled comfort of our footwear.

Brasilchic – Thank you, Andrea. This has been Brasilchic’s first interview for our blog. I’m looking forward to speak with you again, talking about many novelties. I know that you can’t stop innovating, as the great entrepeneur you are.

Andrea Grecco – It has been a pleasure to speak with you. I hope we can see each other very soon. Bye!

Before we say goodbye, we want to summarize the Attraverso per Grecco products. We hope you like them and we encourage you to enjoy a unique, comfortable and very elegant product. It is for sure a very Brasilchic product.

Attraverso per Grecco world includes one-of-a-kind, original shoes, perfect for all seasons of the year with a guarantee of comfort.

Handcrafted shoes 100% comfort

Attraverso per Grecco summer ankle boots

Summer or winter boots in a single product, 100% handmade, that cover your feet and are as comfortable as a pair of socks.

Women who doesn’t like heels at all have also an option. Attraverso just started a line of ballet pumps, a very light, delicate and comfortable product.

Where can you buy these sophisticated handcrafted shoes? Of course, at Brasilchic.

See you soon!