Cala Escorxada de Menorca

Destinations to travel with your baby in spring

If you have just had your first baby and you want to make some quick trip this spring, you probably have no idea about where can you go so you little boy or girl not only does not get stressed, but enjoys just as much as you. This is why we are bringing some ideas about destinations to travel with your baby in spring. From cities to natural environments, passing through beautiful beaches, we offer you some ideas to travel with babies for every taste.


Acueducto de Segovia

Thanks to its rich history, the Iberian Peninsula is full of cities that present an unequalled beauty. Do not have in mind only the big cities, but also small and not so well known places that are equally majestic and are ideal destinations to travel with your baby.

Our first suggestion is Segovia. In this Castilian capital declared World Heritage Site, you will admire a monumental architecture spanning from the Roman age, with its famous aqueduct, to modern days. In addition, you will discover a delicious gastronomy and lovely streets avoiding crowds. It is a perfect first touristic experience for your baby.

Another excellent option is León, where monuments, quiet and fun for every age join together. Visit its Cathedral and Royal Pantheon, go for a walk in the downtown and enjoy some ‘tapas’ in the ‘Húmedo’, everything with your small boy or girl. If you add that León has ben declared 2018 Spanish Gastronomy Capital, it is a perfect destination to visit during this spring.

Finally, it is to be mentioned that spring is a good time to be some days in bigger cities, such as Barcelona or Lisbon. Without the annoying crowds of tourists that arrive in summer, you and your baby can have a good opportunity to go there.


Cala Escorxada de Menorca

Who says that beach destinations are only for the summer? If both you and your baby love beach, here are some ideas to travel this spring.

The Canary Islands offer beautiful beaches, nice temperaturas and unequalled natural environments where you can enjoy with your baby. Any of these islands have accesible places, Delicious food and a nice ambience where the smallest members of the family will feel at home.

Menorca is another island, as well as a good destination to travel with your baby in spring. Maybe it is not the most visited Balearic island, but this is just the reason why it is perfect to go with your little girl or boy. You will be surprised by its coves with crystal-like waters, its history and the kindfulness of its people.

The bravest ones will also love the seven best beaches from northern Spain. However, be careful with its waves and the temperature of the water, the best option in spring is just go for a walk through them.


Lagos de Covadonga en Asturias

If you are an adventurer, you were waiting this section. Pay a lot of attention if you enjoy walking on the mountain with your baby in your Carrier.

If you go to Asturias, you can visit Covadonga lakes. It is a mountain destination with an easy access, so it is ideal to travel with your baby. Amazing views, a lovely shrine and a really enjoyable time for children and adults. But wrap up!

A little further South, in the province of León, we recommend you El Bierzo. In this region, you will find impressive places easily accessible, such as Las Médulas. Walking through the ruins of what in the ancient times was a mountain is really breathtaking, just as looking at them from the viewpoint. But, if you are looking for some more adventure for your baby, you can enter gorgeous valleys, like Silencio valley or Ancares valley.

We hope that these destinations to travel with your baby in spring have given you some idea. There is no doubt that there are many other great places, do you know any of them that you wish to share?

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