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Tita Araújo is a Brazilian plastic artist who is specialised in the production of the most beautiful craftsmanship home and decoration items. She employs her art to make sustainable products that offer top levels of elegance and uniqueness to your home.

Tita Arajújo is a well-known Brazilian plastic artist who gives her name to her brand. She left the world of accounting to become an artist, and it was a great decision, because her talent knows no limits. She is able to transform any object or product she touches, and has become a reference in the Brazilian market, offering her workshops and expositions in different international events. Her motto says everything: "The art that transforms and charms". Her inspirations are romanticism, nature and simplicity, always having sustainability in mind. Her main objective is to please people's sensitivity with her art. Nowadays, her brand creates a huge number of unique home and decoration products, using a combination of manual techniques, lots of creativity and sustainable materials, like coconut shells. Everything to originate products that preserve their roots, their cultural wealth and the environment. Her amazing coconut bowls are hand painted one by one, they are one of her most important products and you can find them at Brasilchic. A product that leaves no one indifferent, perfect to decorate your home, to leave different objects, to serve snacks or to decorate a beautiful and exotic table

Tita Araújo, the art that transforms and charms. Sustainable, different and elegant products for your home.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items