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Attraverso per Grecco footwear offers you the best, most comfortable luxury shoes. Boots, summer or winter ankle boots and ballet pumps, handmade of tricot and synthetic leather or suede with elastane, they have come to stay.

Attraverso per Grecco footwear offers you the best, most comfortable luxury shoes. This Brazilian brand specialised in premium quality handcrafted shoes is being a sensation in the world of footwear. It rises up from the hand and the ideas of a young entrepreneur and her passion for shoes. After a long period of research and many tests until she achieved perfect shoes, we have a product with and ideal last, guaranteeing a level of comfort never felt before in a shoe. They are totally handmade, something essential to achieve this aim and offer such an exclusive, sophisticated design. There are three models available so far: boots, ankle boots and ballet pumps. These chic, comfortable and original products are made of high quality synthetic leather or suede with elastane. Top-of-the-range raw materials and a detailed handcrafted labour create a unique product. The result are these one-of-a-kind shoes made of tricot that allow you to walk with elegance and comfort, like if they were a pair of socks. The care for small details starts with the quality standards of leather and suede, that are bought in metres, and passes through the production of balls of these materials in the factory. This is a patented, revolutionary technique that has come to stay, because if you buy an Attraverso per Grecco boot, your feet will not accept anything else. The beauty of each pair is reflected by the perfection of their details. Together with Brasilchic, Attraverso per Grecco has arrived to the international market with the most original boots with adjustable height and width leg, with the most original ankle boots and with the most modern ballet pumps. Special mention deserve the boots and ankle boots, perfect to wear both during warm and cool days. As winter boots or ankle boots, you can wear them together with a dress, a skirt, shorts and beautiful tights, jeans or trousers. As summer boots or ankle boots, they offer a modern look and allow you to show your beautiful legs.  They are luxury shoes, totally handmade of the best materials with elastane, anti-slip sole, they fit every look and offer high levels of breathability and unequalled comfort and elegance.

Attraverso per Grecco and its tricot shoes. There is not anything more elegant, modern and comfortable. Award yourself with them!

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items