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Nordweg is a Brazilian brand specialised in men's leather goods that are made taking into account the greatest quality standards. Bags, briefcases, rucksacks and a whole range of products for men who look for premium quality fashion.

Nordweg is a Brazilian brand based in Picada Café, a small town in Serra Gaúcha, in southern Brazil, colonised mainly by Germans. This brand is specialised in men's accessories, and its main inspirations are jolliness, dynamism and good work, some of the features of modern men. Nordweg creates one-of-a-kind, sophisticated products with an unequalled quality, offering a kind of fashion that is loved by all the people who can see the beauty of small things, always ready to live unforgettable moments and experiences. Nordweg is not unnoticed at all, thanks to its amazing range of men's work bags, messenger bags, shoulder bags, briefcases, document holders, backpacks for laptops, executive rucksacks... Special mention deserve its traditional travel bags and sports bags, and its impressive rucksacks, available in different colours to suit every taste. In addition, it offers a line of wallets, change purses, card holders, toiletry bags, pencil cases... All these products are handmade in Brazil and have passed a thorough revision before they are sold, so their perfection is guaranteed. Every detail is valued during their development and manufacturing: materials, colours, durability, usefulness... The quality standards of these products are so high that many of them include a lifetime warranty. Premium quality leather, used to make all these items, shows great strength and elegance. One of the main features of this brand is its red chess lining made of Egyptian cotton, emphasising the elegance of all its products. Every item has many other details: zips, logo, their reinforced structure...

This is a leader brand in the Brazilian market, present in the international market, that is now exploring new roads through Europe, together with Brasilchic. We only sell products that make the difference, with an incomparable added value, to satisfy people who appreciate good taste and premium quality. Nordweg shares this philosophy with us, and this is why it is our main brand in the leather industry. A strong, modern company that designs and makes its products with perfect balance between leading-edge technology machinery and the expert hands of its craftsmen. Brasilchic offers you all the range of Nordweg products in our Men's Accessories section, thought for all the gentlemen who want to be different thanks to a high quality fashion.

Nordweg is the men's accessories brand that surprises and amazes with everything it makes. Get a Nordweg product, it will be with you during the most unforgettable times of your life!

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items