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Puket is a renowned brand in the field of non-slip socks for adults, children and babies. It creates original, funny products that offer an extreme comfort, premium quality and the greatest levels of happiness.

During the decade of 1980, Puket was born in the Brazilian market. Its fate was to surprise everybody, even its own creators. Its only objective was to make socks that, nowadays, are the best and happiest of this world. Time passed, and this small sock factory became an industry leader and developed a whole range of unique, original products. Today, this universe is usually known as Puket World. This brand has grown using love as their main ingredient, and it has got to more and more people’s hearts. This is how Puket is present in many countries and, finally, it comes to Europe to stay together with Brasilchic. We share a very special philosophy and a main objective: to make somebody smile, to offer fun everywhere and to make people of all ages happy. Thanks to its excellence, Puket keeps unequalled quality and identity. Its products are full of life and vivid colours that include comfort, the greatest levels of quality, creative designs and a young spirit that can be felt by anyone, anywhere. This great brand has achieved to make a simple product, such as socks, become something unique and special, believing in a motto: “creating products to fall in love with”. Since Brasilchic has the same objective and we want to show the world products we fall in love with, Puket had to be with us. Puket respects essential values for Brasilchic, such as environmental respect, ethics, constant innovation and industry excellence. Nowadays, it offers a great range of products, like the most original pyjamas, matching products for all the family, funny lingerie and many accessories. You can already enjoy the most wanted product by Puket, its non-slip socks for adults, children and babies. Look for them at our Fashion section. 

Puket is a brand that puts all its love to create products with the only objective of making you happier. Brasilchic welcomes you to the Puket World!

Showing 1 - 28 of 28 items
Showing 1 - 28 of 28 items