Hammock Hooks & Accessories

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Hammock Hooks & Accessories

This section displays different solutions to hang your hammock and hanging chair, and interesting accessories for a better use and enjoyment. 

Hammock Hooks & Accessories 

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  • Hammock anchors

    If you have doubts about how to hang a hammock, you will find the best solutions here. Our hammock hooks are the only ones handmade of stainless steel in Spain, and they are particularly designed to hang your hammock on a wall, or your hanging chair or punching bag from the ceiling, offering you a warranty of safety.

    You will also find our ‘hammock tie’ here, a handmade rope system crafted from eco-friendly wood that allows you to hang a hammock or hanging chair from wherever you want (trees, beams, pergolas...).

  • Accessories for hammocks

    You will only need a quick glance to this section in order to find the best accessories for your hanging hammock. Useful, original accessories, such as our extension cotton ropes, the best solution to reach a long distance between the two extremes of a hammock, or from the ceiling to install a hanging chair. Our funny cup and magazine holder is the top accessory to complete relax and fun. Finally, an exclusive product that you can only find here, on Brasilchic: an original hammock shortener that allows you to perfectly adjust your hammock so you can have an even better experience.

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items
Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items