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  • Non-slip socks

    This section displays the most original, exclusive and funny non-slip yoga socks. They are colourful and come from Brazil! Premium quality certified socks by the renowned Brazilian brand Puket, with all the guarantees provided by Brasilchic. Available for men and women and for all ages, a range that include from the littlest babies who begin to crawl to adult users. 

    Find your ideal socks to perform inside sports activities, for instance pilates, yoga, body balance, martial arts, dance... They are also perfect to walk at home in the most comfortable possible way. 

    A full line of special, one-of-a-kind socks for all the family, selected with the best taste by Brasilchic.

    Enjoy the magic of Puket products!

  • Scarves

    Brasilchic scarves are original and versatile pieces of clothing, full of the great art and happiness from Brazil. They are originally designed by Brazilian artists, and copyright protected, so their exclusiveness is guaranteed. 

    You can use them in many ways throughout the year. Use them as dress, beach wrap, blouse, skirt, foulard, headscarf or even as necklace during spring and summer. We recommend you their use at beach as a towel or mat, since their fast drying material prevents sand from sticking to it. During autumn and winter you can use them as scarf, foulard or as a lovely shawl. They are even an original piece of home decoration for your rooms.

    Ideal for any age, this accessory allows you to change your look instantly and develop your own style. This fashionable accessory will become your favourite garment from the very first moment, it will attract all looks.

    These are some reasons that make Brasilchic scarves unique pieces of art you can enjoy in infinite ways.

  • Wooden Bags

    Handmade wooden bags, imported from Brazil. They are original and available in various models and colours. Products that attract people who have their own style and don't care about the fashion catwalks. The bags you will find in this section are eco-friendly and made from wood surpluses from Brazil, in a way that is respectful with the environment. In addition, you will find a product carefully designed, perfect to add a touch of style to almost any garment from your wardrobe. Craftsmanship, sustainability and always keeping the Brazilian essence are essential conditions for the selection of Brasilchic products.

  • Wooden Purses

    This section displays a great selection of wooden purses, handmade by a well-known Brazilian craftsman. They are totally made of wood from Brazil, and they are an original, comfortable and safe product you can use during your daily life for small purchases or for carrying some personal stuff. You will find different purses, available in several colours, and enjoy all the originality of a handcrafted product, made under fair working conditions while respecting our precious environment. 

  • Wallets

    Walletschange wallets and card holders are essential accessories for any man. This section displays a wide variety of compact wallets and card holders, thought for the most practical men who prefer to bring with them only their banknotes and cards. Minimalist wallets for those who search for balance and bigger, more classic wallets with a space for coins and cards for more traditional men. A top-of-the-range line of products made of genuine leather, with perfect finishes and covered with Egyptian cotton, fulfilling all the needs of XXIst century male users.

    Indispensable accessories for your daily life, with the greatest levels of quality and design.

  • Women's sweatpants

    Brasilchic brings you the most original premium quality women’s sweatpants. Pants that follow all the latest trends of fitness fashion. One-of-a-kind pieces, perfect to practice sports, as well as to use during your social life. Products made by the best brands in Brazil, developed using leading-edge technology in order to make you feel comfortable and elegant. Women’s tights that provide extreme holding and comfort, designed to move with you at any time, practising pilates, yoga, running or enjoying your days or evenings. Take a look to our fitness leggings with the most amazing prints. Dare to feel unique!

    Create your own style with the most original women’s tights. High technology materials, comfort and the best of Brazilian fitness fashion are here, in Brasilchic.

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Showing 1 - 30 of 81 items
Showing 1 - 30 of 81 items