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Brazilian Home

This section displays the most select and exclusive items designed to decorate your home, coming from Brazil and its surprising culture. You are invited to come into this extraordinary place, where craftsmanship, exoticism and elegance join together; our only goal is to offer our clients the greatest levels of quality and well-being. This is the reason why the materials of our products and the work of their craftsmen is appreciated and taken care of down to the smallest detail.

Exoticism and elegance join together to offer the greatest levels of quality and well-being. Come to the Brasilchic world!

Brazilian Home 

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  • Coconut wood bowls

    This section displays different models of bowls made and decorated by an artist using a coconut shell. An eco-friendly product, pure craftsmanship and exoticism. Perfect as a piece of decoration, to adorn a table or just as a wooden bowl for different snacks.

  • Table linen

    This section displays the most exclusive and exotic products to dress and adorn the best tables. Find different sets of individual tablecloths and table runners carefully made by expert craftsmen from Brazil using different tipically Brazilian techniques and natural resources.

    The great variety of colours, materials and craftsmanship techniques gives you the opportunity to personalize your table, from refreshing airs to warmer and more rustic atmospheres.

  • Cushions

    Decorate and enjoy your home with the many Brasilchic cushions, available in different colours and made of 100 % natural organic cotton in an environmentally friendly way. Handcrafted using fabric surpluses from our hammocks and hanging chairs. Filled with 100 % hollow, conjugated siliconised virgin fibre certified by Oeko-tex standard 100. Our cushions are anti-allergic and very soft. They are perfect to decorate any room and to combine with Brasilchic hammocks and hanging chairs.

  • Swimming pool floats

    When our babies are already a little bit grown, we start being excited about going to the swimming pool with them so they can enjoy their first summer, dont we? It is at this moment when we have our first doubts about floats. How can I go to the pool with my baby in a safe, comfortable way?

    The pool floats by Baby Pil are the solution! A unique swimming pool float, ergonomic and made of innovative, premium quality materials. Enjoy the best products by Baby Pil with Brasilchic and go to the pool with your little boys and girls securely with our floats!

  • Baby bath pillows

    When you have a baby, one of your main concerns is bath time, isnt it? At first, it is a really difficult task that scares us because we have to securely hold our baby, who has not control over his/her body yet, because he/she can slip, because some water can enter his/her ears, because he/she can swallow water... It is a moment you do not want to spend alone, at least at the very beginning. The bath pillows by Baby Pil are the best solution for your problems. From now on, your babys bath will probably be the most pleasant moment in your day, fare more comfortable, safer and relaxing with a premium quality, unique, fun and innovative product. 

    Enjoy Baby Pil productsexcellence thanks to Brasilchic!

Showing 1 - 23 of 23 items
Showing 1 - 23 of 23 items