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About Us

What is Brasilchic?

Brasilchic is an online shop where you will find the most novel and exclusive products from Brazil. A selection of fashion, shoes, accessories, jewellery, home and decoration in which our team is fully committed. The latest trends in original, luxury products, full of personality for those who have their own style, as well as Brasilchic.

Our main goal is to provide our clients with the greatest levels of distinction, elegance and a unique experience, thanks to the best and latest products made in this beautiful tropical country.

We want to show the world the best from the Brazilian industry, representing great brands and the work made by young entrepreneurs and craftsmen who deserve all our respect and admiration. The only condition is that everything must be very Brasilchic, according to our philosophy. 

  • The best brands from Brazil
  • Selected products
  • Commitment to solidarity
  • Commitment to people
  • Commitment to the environment
  • Quality guaranteed by Brasilchic

Brasilchic's philosophy:

 A seal of quality: We put our trust in offering high quality products carefully made of top-of-the-range raw materials.
- Values: We value companies and products with their own soul and a great story to tell.
Solidarity: We participate and make our small contribution to important causes.
Commitment to the well-being and to human beings: We only work with companies that value fair working conditions as much as we do, and that do not have any children working.
Commitment to the environment: We only work with companies with sustainable policies, that love the environment as much as we do, and that make their contribution to protect our planet.
Commitment to those who trust us: For our companies, a joint success is our only alternative, and for our clients, a great experience given by Brasilchic.
A lifestyle: Healthy and full of human values... A free, beautiful and impassioned spirit with its own style, it will not be unnoticed.

A seal of quality:


How does it work? 

For our clients:

If you love high quality products made of the best materials, this is the ideal shop for you. The quality of all our products is guaranteed by Brasilchic and our philosophy is present in every detail.

For our companies:

If you have a brand in Brazil and you want to show your products around the world, contact us and check the requirements to enter Brasilchic; or remain attentive, a spotter from Brasilchic can discover your shop and invite you to participate in this great project.

Welcome to the fascinating world of Brasilchic, a special, one-of-a-kind marketplace that will bring joy and colour to your life. Follow us on our social networks and our blog, where we will share the latest trends, our experiences, trips... Come with us, this experience will be very, very Brasilchic.


We work with the only objective of offering our clients a nice and simple shopping process, with all the satisfaction of knowing that they buy an exclusive, high quality product, only present at the best Brazilian shops.

A.Fernández - CEO

The quality/price ratio of Brasilchic's imported goods is a nod to our clients, and we will always try to keep it.

J. Tieppo - Operations Manager